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Our Classes

Stargaze Dance Academy offers a range of dance classes from Ballet to Cheerleading to private lessons. All of our classes cater for both boys and girls, in fact many of our technical classes have special exercises that are dedicated purely for boys only. Take a look a the range of dance classes that are available at our dance school, if you are unsure of which class your son or daughter may enjoy the most then they are welcome to come and try all of them free of charge! 

Imperial Classical Ballet

Our Ballet classes start from 2 years of age at Pre-primary level. As they progress the children move through the ISTD syllabus up to Grade 6 and Intermediate level. Classical Ballet is excellent for developing good posture, technique, strength and balance. There is a class suitable for every age group and pupils that excel in this genre of dance will have the opportunity to take part in professional examinations in which they will gain points towards further education in the future.

Pointe Work

'Dancing on the tips of the toes'.

Pointe Work is built into our senior Ballet classes. The pupils enjoy mastering the art of dancing on their toes to lyrical and classical pieces of music. Pointe work is also examined in the higher and major grades.

Modern Theatre

Modern dance is better known as theatrical dance - think West End and Broadway musicals. Throughout these classes we teach our dancers the technical steps that go into the dances that make up the ever popular musical shows. The children have lots of fun mastering these challenging steps. As the children progress through the ISTD syllabus the movements become trickier enabling the pupils to develop into fluent dancers. 

Tap Dance 

Our tap classes are a fun and enjoyable way of learning to dance using lots of noise and rhythm. Tap dance concentrates on musicality and balance whilst learning technical and intricate footwork, if your little one enjoys making a lot of noise then this class will be perfect!

Zumba Kids

Zumba Kids is perfect for those who love to dance to upbeat music, children who take our Zumba classes have a fantastic time in class, they also have plenty of opportunities to perform at local summer shows. This crazy class consists of Latin American dance forms such as Salsa, Merengue, Hip-Hop, Samba and Mambo, great for building stamina whilst showing off your fancy moves at the same time. Perfect if your child is looking for a class with more of a kick.


This dance class is extremely popular for children that like to dance to well known chart music. During this class they learn how to work together as a team whilst developing their flexibility and stamina. Like the Zumba Kids class mentioned above the children who take these classes perform on a regular basis in local Christmas and Summer shows. If your child is looking for an enjoyable class without the pressure of examinations both Cheerleading and Zumba Kids classes are great.

Private dance classes

For pupils who want to take their dancing more seriously we offer private one to one classes. These classes enable our teachers to concentrate on weaker areas and build technique, which in turn boosts confidence tremendously. Some pupils will take private lessons on a weekly basis for many years and others have taken a number of private classes with us when they are working towards auditions and examinations. It doesn't stop there, in fact we have a mother and daughter who enjoy learning the art of Ballet together.

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